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How does the league work?
How to take part
How to submit scores
How to pay
How does the league work?

The league works rather like a postal competition but it is for individuals not teams.

All contact is carried out by e-mail but the organiser can be contacted by post if problems arise.

The league is run by its members.
The organiser is David OíCarroll.

 Role of the organiser

1. The organiser is responsible for running the league. His decision is final.

2. The organiser is responsible for:

Membership fee

3. The membership fee  is £3 [£3.30 if paid by Paypal]. Membership covers entry to the competition and costs of running the competition. We will plough the money into badges, medals and advertising. Any excess of income over expenditure will be used for running the competition in successive years.

Round to be shot

4. Each archer will shoot the Portsmouth round as set out in the Archery GB/GNAS rules. Compound archers to score ten only for the inner gold.

Allocation of divisions

5. There will be separate divisions for bare bow, longbow, recurve and compound archers. Members may shoot in all categories (only one membership fee is payable). The organiser will allocate new members to divisions in accordance with their score in October. October scores are used for ranking - no points will be awarded. Existing members will be allocated according to their average score last year and October score. Where a division is full allocation up or down will be according to declared:

a). indoor handicap; b). personal best; or c). expected score.

Each division will have no more than ten archers. We expect 6-8 on average. The Organiser reserves the right to reallocate members if their results indicate that they are in the wrong division with the agreement of the Target Captain. In these circumstances points will be recalculated for members in the divisions affected.

When to be shot?

6. Archers can shoot as many times as they wish during the month. They must submit their highest score shot during the month. The duration of the competition will be from 1st October to 31st March each year. Archers must submit scores for five of the six months.

How will scores be recorded?

7. Each division of up to ten archers is hosted by a virtual target captain.

8. The organiser will be responsible for receiving the scores each month, awarding league points and putting the results up on the website results page. 

9. Each archer must submit hi or her score using the online submissions form by the 5th of the following month with his/her score and number of golds. Results for October will be due by 5th November. Forms are automatically date-stamped. Late scores dated after the 5th will be disregarded and no points will be awarded for that month to that archer. If you have any doubts that the score has been submitted, then confirm score by email  to Group entries may be sent by email to the organiser. If a group entry is late the same rules apply.

10. The organiser will award 10 points for the highest scoring archer in the division, 9 points for the second etc. If any archers have the same score, the archer with most golds will be placed above the other archer. If both gold scores are the same they both get the same points for the higher place. If the number of golds is not submitted it will be deemed to be nil. Archers who did not shoot in any month will be awarded one point only if they submit a dns result. Only one dns will be accepted during the competition (November to March).

11. Each month the scores will be published on the website, usually by the 15th of the month.

12. At the end of the competition in April the organiser posts the final league scores to each division member on the website and notifies members that this has been done. Each member has one week to challenge the result by e-mailing the organiser .

13. If there is a tie the winner will be decided by the highest number of monthly wins. If there is still a tie, then the member with the highest total score over the competition (including the October score) will be declared the winner. If the organiser cannot get agreement of the division members, the division will be abandoned.

E-mail addresses

14. Any archer with access to an e-mail address may become a member. If members share an address with another member, or using a non-memberís address, they are responsible for ensuring messages reach the intended member. Messages from the organiser and target captains need not have the archerís real name included in it- this is virtual archery after all! The organiser can be contacted at 
 Club/group entries

15. Group entries are welcome. It is the responsibility of the group organiser to submit scores on time and ensure that all fees are paid on time. It is acceptable for one e-mail to cover all scores but please split between barebow, compound, recurve and longbow and put them in division order

Amendment of rules

16. The organiser reserves the right to change the rules or to add new rules during the course of the competition.

The league is organised by David O'Carroll.

Cheques should be made out to David O'Carroll and sent to:

Woodbine Cottage, Landimore, Gower, Swansea, SA3 1 HD.

 last amended 1 August 2017 (submission of scores by online form.
previously 14 September 2014 [delete Records Officer]
  17 June 2009 [inclusion of Bare Bow]