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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                       

Who do I send my scores to?

VAL says:  The target captains for results during this year's competition are:
Compound:          Nick
Recurve:             Nick
Barebow:            Nick
Longbow:            Nick

in addition all scores must be copied to VAL

 Do I have to be a member of an archery club?

    VAL says: No but you will need to find an archery venue where you can shoot a Portsmouth. Any club will require you to be a member of a national archery organisation such as Archery GB (GNAS) or BLBS (in the UK).

Can I shoot outdoors?

    VAL says:  Yes - especially if you are shooting in the Southern hemisphere!

What is the Portsmouth round?

    VAL says:  This is one of the recognised rounds of UK archery. It is five dozen arrows shot at a 60cm target from 20 yards. 10 zone scoring. Only the 10 zone (or inner compound zone for compounds) are "golds".

What is a GOLD?

    VAL says: Only the 10 zone (or inner compound zone for compounds) are "golds".

Updated: September 2016