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Welcome to the VAL competition

This is the homepage of the Virtual Archery League the most successful and longest lasting internet archery league - operating since 1999.

The sixteenth annual competition  started in October 2015 and we  had 230 entries from all parts of the UK and around the world including Sweden, Jersey, New Zealand, Thailand and the US.

Archers compete in divisions against members of a similar standard. There are separate leagues for bare bow, compound, longbow and recurve archers.

Medals are awarded to the winners  and second and third places in each division at the end of the competition each season.

The competition runs from October to March. To find out more about the league click on any of the links. Membership costs just 3.


APRIL 2016

Final month's scores for March must be sent in by 5th April 2016.


Recurve:          Barrie
Bare Bow:        Nick
Compound:      Nick
Longbow:         Nick

If you want to see the wide range of scores achieved by the winners of the different divisions then look at the 2014/15 results .

REMINDER:: Don't forget to let Val know if you change your e-mail address.

Updated:  2nd April 2016 

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2013/14 Results
2014/15 Results 


Target captains:

Compound:      Nick
Recurve:          Barrie
Bare Bow:        Nick
Longbow:         Nick